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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reality Sets In, the U.S. Makes First Attempt to Shove Abusable Internet Censorship Bill Up Your Ass

The U.S. takes another step towards the form of dictatorship Benito Mussolini once called Corporatism, because it was the merger of political and corporate interests with money directing the politicians.  If you don't like fascism or internet censorship, sign the petition.  To say this isn't another step towards this horrendous form of government is like saying the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is an accurate name for North Korea.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Concerns for the Repeat of History

This blog post is definitely going attract some angry unspoken opinions from people with the naivety to believe mainstream news, who enjoy taking logically broken arguments seriously, and people who try to rationalize over the inconvenient evidence with ignorance and mental isolation from critical thinking.  You have all heard these bad arguments, and granted to their credit there are a lot of idiots who openly parrot to anyone what I am going to write to you right now but that does nothing to rip legitimacy from these claims.  To say that a group, even a majority, can accurately represent the intelligence of some is a prevalent and ridiculous ridiculous idea.  But, unfortunately this is not the biggest problem in strives to spread a cause of fear that has by all past implementations has become one among the worst indicators a future series of events for people that has been seen in the past through progressions in the ruling political system, is a beacon for the rocks on the shore of repeated history.

There is a myth out there, and it is that this joke of such an openly unethical government, the united stats of imperialism, would not hesitate to inflict martial control and taking of political prisoners in the uprisen future of american citizens.

I give you glenn beck the scarecrow as he strawmans the shit out of the argument with a video that was to anyone who has actually done supplemental research, was not a camp.  Saying this one example of someone's mistaken FEMA camp is the whole premises of some conspiracy theorists' point pushing is once again another example of news downplay.

The camps are real, and they are for you when things get bad.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Like the last president, Obama is bent towards the imperialistic will of big money.

Webster Tarpley lays out the plans of the big money bastard.  Fortunately though, Russia threatened to bomb Poland if they continued to help with the U.S. plans for the ballistic missile shield that was obviously not for Iran.

The man, the legend.  Gerald Celente.

The Financial Crisis

The picture is oh so related

Political Atheism: Stupidity of American Politics

Political Atheism: Stupidity of American Politics: "I would like begin by saying how stupid taking and arguing with and against major political sides is. If you actively participate in this a..."

Stupidity of American Politics

I would like begin by saying how stupid taking and arguing with and against major political sides is.  If you actively participate in this and call yourself a democrat or republican and support or despise political candidates only for their affiliation with these two parties I am going to actively call you a fool.  To reason my slander I am going to bring up the fact that the united states governmental system is the most openly corrupt in the world because of buyouts and gifts from corporations and bankers to congress and heavy fund pushing to electoral campaigns.  Both sides are bought and paid for by these huge money powers and to say one group of sellouts is better than another is arguing which of the devils two heads are more evil.  Any president elected in this age is brought up through his selection as a candidate to pursue the interests of the people paying for their campaign.  It's that simple.  No president ever again will get elected who is genuinely interested in the people's interests so long as corporations and banks hold their grasp over our thoroughly government.